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Archival Tattoo Preservation

Our preservation service allows individuals to  pre-purchase arrangements for the extraction and archival preservation of their tattoos upon passing. We utilize a unique proprietary  process for preserving tattoos. 

We create more than just a picture.
You receive the actual tattooed art.

Your tattoo and art legacy live on for generations.


We offer a unique and personalized approach to preserving the artistry of tattoos as fine art beyond life. 

This exclusive service is available as a one time purchase or through a membership model, enabling clients to ensure the safekeeping of their historical tattoo pieces and designate beneficiaries for these cherished archival artworks.

Our service includes everything needed to go from sign up to after life service scheduling and all points in between. We help you at every stage of the process from choosing your frame style or in some cases 3D presentations as well as the many other options of tattoo preservation.


Tattoos become timeless pieces of art as historic artifacts.



Starting At


Average Costs

We utilize a unique proprietary process for preserving tattoos.  The mission is to help carry on your story. We ensure that the spirit and legacy of your artwork or that of your loved  ones can live on for generations to come.



Save your loved ones actual tattoos


Remember them as if they are still here

Beyond - Legacy Services  works in partnership with mortuary professionals with a proprietary process for preserving tattoos upon the death of their collector. 

Have your tattoo art in a museum.


Beyond The Flesh Museum


Apply to be included in history

Our museum gallery is highly curated, however anyone can apply.  The Beyond The Flesh museum has several criteria for inclusion in the museum such as tattoo art quality, artist reputation, complexity of tattoo, style of tattoo, celebrity of tattoo collector and many more. 

If you feel your tattoo art has what it takes to be on display in a historic museum, apply to be included today. You can indicate your desire to be in the museum during the check out process.


Tattoo Legacies are preserved in a way that transcends traditional boundaries.

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