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We provide proprietary process for preserving tattoos after the life of the collector. 

The Keathley tattoo started off as a  difficult cover up project shown here before the artists work.

The Cover Up

Once completed, the cover up tattoo brought new life to Mr. Keathley's identity as a true work of art.

Living Tattoo

Upon Mr. Keathley's passing, his wife utilized our service to remove and preserve his tattoo as a work of art.

Tattoo Preservation

Keathley Case Study

Save The Art!

The mission is to help carry on your story and to preserve your tattoo collection. We ensure that the spirit and legacy of your artwork or that of your loved ones can live on for generations to come. We create museum quality, archival, fine art masterpieces.


A unique archival technology . 


After the removal and preservation of a collectors tattoo we create a museum quality work of art. These art works are sealed in an air tight frame under UV quality glass to insure the longevity of the art work for generations to come. 


Our preservation process was developed in our current century through extensive research and development. Never before has the preservation of tattoos after life been at our level of historical artifact technology. Unlike tattoo artifacts of the past, our preservation's are bright, colorful and do not tan in color over time.  Industry experts in several fields came together to make this all possible. 


From Sign Up To Preservation

We are there with you from sign up through the actual tattoo preservation. We help you chose the right mortuary provider and make sure your legacy is preserved.

We make sure you designate three trust worthy people to assure your tattoo is preserved upon passing. We can even help with Wills and Trusts to assure your ink gets where you want it to go. 

Tripple Protected

As industry professionals we are as transparent with our process as possible. Where as we do not share our proprietary methods, we do consult you on every step of the process so you understand all the steps to saving your tattoo art work for generations to come. 


This exclusive service is available as a one time purchase or through a membership model, enabling clients to ensure the safekeeping of their historical tattoo pieces and designate beneficiaries for these cherished archival artworks.

Our service includes everything needed to go from sign up to after life service scheduling and all points in between. We help you at every stage of the process from choosing your frame style or in some cases 3D presentations as well as the many other options of tattoo preservation.

save the art

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